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Avoid the Following Mistakes When Purchasing Replacements Windows

Your home's windows need replacing for a few reasons, for example, if you have outdated

windows that are drafty due to cracked or damaged seals, the frame is warped or cracked,

you experience increased utility bills as a result of excessive heat or cold loss. If your

windows are older than 10 years, then it’s time to consider a window replacement and

contact a window contractor who can help you make an informed decision, which brings

us to the first mistake you should avoid.

1. Avoid a DIY project

While a DIY project may seem appealing, it’s recommended that you use a replacement

window contractor to do the job because there are several components and features that

make up window replacement that you may not be aware of. Additionally, enlisting a

professional will reduce your risk of injury, save you money and give your home great curb


2. Purchasing windows that are unsuitable for your geographic location

You may live in areas where there is harsh sun, or areas with high humidity and moisture,

or regions that are prone to hurricane-force winds and rains. Consider how a window will

perform against various environmental elements to avoid inefficient operation.

3. Using similar window types to your old ones

While they served you well, you may experience the same window problems by using the

same the style and brand of your old windows. Thanks to modern technology, today there

are countless window designs and finishes that are not only cost-effective, they also

improve comfort and help you save energy.

4. Accepting the lowest or highest bid

While all replacement windows appear the same at first glance, purchasing a product based on cost may cost you more in the future. Additionally, whether you are considering a

basement window replacement, buying over-priced windows doesn’t necessarily mean

that they are better either. Consider enlisting the help of a window contractor who can

explain the pros and cons of the windows you want to purchase.

5. Lack of due diligence

You should never rush into a purchase without taking the time to do a lot of research and

don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as possible until you feel more content about the

company you finally chose to purchase replacement windows from. Companies like Fusion

window, Mezzo window, and Sheffield window have a great reputation, which is why it

is recommended to prequalify the contractor you choose for window replacement in order

to ensure the job is done correctly. A home improvement project gone wrong can cost you

thousands, therefore check a contractor’s reputation on online rating sites you trust and

also ask friends, neighbors, or co-workers who have had window replacement jobs done by

the same contractor.

A great window replacement project should, by all means, enhance your home’s curb

appeal, the material used should be stable, durable and require minimal maintenance, and

the quality of the windows should be high-performing to ensure energy efficiency.

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