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Choosing the Right Basement Windows

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Dressing basement windows can be a challenge because not only are they usually small, but they are located quite high on the wall depending on how a home is constructed. This makes it nearly impossible to meet a list of requirements such as maximizing the amount of light coming into the space and keeping it airy as well especially when you want to increase your home’s square footage, functionality or resale value.

Homeowners who are looking to turn their basement, for example into a bedroom must

meet a specific building code that requires any habitable space to have at least one egress window that is large enough that a person can fit through in the event of an emergency. It is, therefore, recommended that you check with your local building codes in your area to ensure that you meet the minimum height and width requirements for an egress window. Basement windows often come in three different types: hopper windows, slider windows, and awning windows, hopper windows being the most commonly used for basement windows.


Basement Window Replacement - After ( Quality Window & Doors , Weymouth, MA. )

What makes hopper windows ideal for are ideal for basement applications is because they are bottom hinged, which makes it easier to clean additionally, they open inwards for ventilation. Hopper windows also crank open quickly, providing a quick and easy escape exit. Slider windows are another basement window treatment option that open from the side and with an additional exterior screen, these windows are extremely versatile in terms of providing an easy escape route, keeping bugs out and allowing fresh air from outside to enter your home. Slider basement windows are also considered more efficient than most windows because they contain features such as low-E coatings, insulating gas between the panes, and non-conductive spacers that help keep a basement cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Installing awning windows in your basement has several advantages the most important

being they provide natural light and ample ventilation without compromising your privacy.

They are also quite attractive, and the fact that they can be used in combination with other windows styles such as casement, gliding, double-hung, bay or bow makes them very versatile to give any home a contemporary look. Three of the above-mentioned basement windows are the most commonly used, but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring other window treatment options if you’re considering finishing your basement or remodeling the space in the near future.

For example, although considered old-fashioned, double hang windows whether, in vinyl, wood or metal frames are becoming more and more popular because they are simple to replace and clean from the inside of the home. Additionally, you also can open only the top portion of the window when you want to ventilate the basement, and consequently decrease your energy costs. Here is an option to consider by getting a FREE In-House Free Estimate by Quality Window & Door in Weymouth , MA . Call them today at 781-335-9595.

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